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Palak Doshi


ONCE UPON A TIME…A talented young girl dreamt of becoming a famous artist. Since her childhood she learned how to make art…but always dragged her feet back from pursuing her dreams.
Then why this unknown girl never went an art school & pursued her dreams? The answer is simple “Our simple social discouragement” Alas but true.
But the warrior in her never gave up to the world; and along with her studies she continued to brushing up her natural talent on bits & sheets of drawing papers.

Later EVERY DAY……She commuted to a grey-base colored corporate cubicle.
But this artless existence drove her into a deeper anxiety that she could not numb. Her inner self always cry out for converting her creativity on the visiting cards, on her office diaries, dash board with just a pencil, pen & some colors.
Too often she would sit with her work mate and pass the time by discussing about the relentless office politics and their uninteresting career paths.

BUT ONE DAY……she remembered. She along with her work mate was fully frustrated with their mundane routines.
So she asked him, “If you had a magic wand and you could do anything, and be assured of success, what would you do?”
He said, “With the natural talent like yours I’d be an entrepreneur of an art boutique.”
Stunned!!!! She said, with an aspiration “Do you really think that it is so easy? “with an aspiration this time”.
He said, “walk that path which can pacify you”

BECAUSE OF THAT………..She picked up her brush and palette to paint again after so many years.
Then she said to her workmate & best friends, asking if they would critique her paintings.
To her delight they responded and offered her encouragement to pursue painting full time.

UNTIL FINALLY…… she just couldn’t take one more two-hour commute, and 13-hour day, working for another “team leader.” So she decided to turn her dream of being a full time artist into her reality.
In 2014, she turned her dreams into reality in the form of “Vibrant Mizaz”.

Her art which is full of vibrancy that one can find an aspiration of doing ”the best” for them in her work. This unknown artist exceeded her sales goal she set for herself when begun and soaring higher & higher with the vibrancy of vibrant mizaz. She is still learning & improving wherever she can……….

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